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VTR’s VoD usage doubles

February 17, 2017

VTR, a subsidiary of Liberty Global and the largest cable operator in Chile, has reported strong growth in the number of customers using its VoD service.

Since the enhanced service was implemented in October, the VoD platform has been more popular than ever. The number of views of VTR’s on demand service has increased by 138 per cent year-on year, alongside significant growth in the number of customers that access it (11 per cent), number of views (44 per cent) and views per subscriber (83 per cent).

The new services are transmitted from a cloud-based browser to the set-top boxes of more than 95 per cent of its customers with digital TV. VTR is the first cable operator in South America to launch a VoD  service which relies on special new cloud-based STB functionality.

“The ability to offer next-generation experiences to all our customers is leading to a greater interest in our On Demand content library,” says Edwin Elberg, VTR’s Product Development Manager. Additionally, he also states that “moving the platform to the cloud has allowed us to provide an advanced and uniform user experience across our digital set-top boxes, thus delivering our customers the best TV experience yet.”

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