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Universal Electronics announces new remote With WOW!

February 21, 2017

Universal Electronics, a specialist in sensing and control technologies for the smart home, has announced that it has been selected by WOW! Internet, cable & phone (WOW!) to develop and manufacture a cutting-edge remote control optimised for WOW!’s ULTRA whole-home DVR services in the US.

“UEI is helping us deliver exciting new user-friendly features in a remote control design that simplifies the way viewers interact with video content,” says Cash Hagen, COO of WOW!. “We know our customers will love the look and feel, and find it’s a powerful touchpoint for their video experience.”

The most notable new feature of the remote is a dedicated Netflix key, which enables the user to easily and efficiently access the popular streaming service with the single push of a button.  This feature eliminates the need to change inputs on the television or change devices to access the streaming service, avoiding some of the common challenges consumers face when accessing alternative home entertainment sources.

“The way consumers navigate and consume video is shifting rapidly, so we’ve invested heavily to develop new features and design options to deliver an elegantly-designed remote that fits in with today’s content-rich video services,” says Steve Gutman, SVP, subscription broadcast business unit – Americas at UEI. “We’re confident that WOW! subscribers will benefit tremendously from the enhanced features provided in their new remote control.”

The new remote will include a range of enhanced capabilities and elegant design features, including:

  • embedded RF4CE technology, enabling superior control without the need for line-of-sight between the remote and STB;
  • laser-etched keys and backlighting for enhanced visibility in both well-lit and dark settings;
  • optimised number of keys for intuitive “any user” application; and
  • a simplified 3-key set up process for universal television control.

The new remote is slated for availability to WOW! ULTRA whole-home DVR subscribers beginning in early 2017.

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