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Next-gen TV guide Tviso UK launch

February 23, 2017

By Colin Mann

Next-generation TV guide Tviso has announced its immediate availability for the United Kingdom. Describing itself as “a new way to watch television”, the service comprises one central hub that allows users to discover and access movies, series and programmes from the main VoD providers.

Tviso claims it is an indispensable service for the new television as online video keeps growing and becomes increasingly disaggregated. Tviso helps users to navigate between all available content sources making it easy to create personalised watchlists, so they don’t waste time deciding what to watch.

By selecting content sources – pay-TV packages, subscriptions to VoD platforms or other online platforms, Tviso starts sending personalised recommendations. Tviso is also designed for users to get the most out of these platforms. It informs about the latest releases added, the most watched or the films and series that are trending at that moment.

Tviso displays content from Channel 4, Channel 5, ITV Player, Youtube, Netflix, iTunes, Google Play, Sky Go, Now TV and among others. The service will soon include Amazon Prime Video and will continue adding providers during the coming months. It also provides a price comparison service, so its users can find the most suitable option.

Tviso allows a search across all audiovisual libraries at once and enables users to add these titles to their watch-list. The titles of each users’ watch-list can be filtered by movies, series, programmes, documentaries, pending or watched, so they are in control over what they watch.

TV show fans can mark already seen episodes and receive push notifications when new episodes are available, or if they prefer to binge-watch, when new seasons are released.

Tviso is now available in the UK on the web and will soon be on TV set-top boxes, iOS and Android smartphones. The service is working to add the complete list of online content available across the United Kingdom.

Founded in 2014 by David Tardà, Andreu Caritg and Oriol Solé in Barcelona, Tviso has more than 500,000 active users who employ it to organise their watch-list and to access their movies and favourite series and programmes.

Tviso has always bet on technology and innovation to provide solutions to access content on the Internet, giving their community collaborative tools to generate one of the largest audiovisual databases available worldwide.

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