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ACCESS Twine powers media sharing for Reliance Jio Infocomm

February 24, 2017

ACCESS has announced that its product portfolio has been deployed by Reliance Jio Infocomm (Jio), an LTE mobile network and FTTH operator, to power its multiscreen service targeting all its users in India. One of the largest mobile and digital services operators in the world, Jio currently provides services to over 100 million subscribers while using the ACCESS portfolio, including ACCESS Twine and the NetFront Browser family.

The deployment leverages ACCESS Twine for secure multiscreen management, and the NetFront Browser family for seamless experiences across cloud services and a wide range of portable screens, giving each user the possibility to use any device including set-top boxes, home gateways, HDMI dongles and Android, iOS and Windows smartphones and tablets as well as Windows and Apple Mac computers.

Within the complete Jio Digital Lifestyle experience, the addition of the ACCESS product portfolio enables consumers to:

–        Play and share content saved in their Jio Drive cloud service with friends and family

–        Securely access Jio’s content catalogue from set-top boxes, and Android, iOS, Mac- and Windows-powered devices both in-home and remotely out of the home

–        Watch content from Dropbox, Google Drive, YouTube and access social media content via the Jio User Interface

The deployment of ACCESS Twine enables Jio to fully capitalize on its networks in order to offer next generation services including access to Jio’s content catalogue alongside YouTube, Dropbox, Google Drive and social media content in and out of the home. The service is complemented by private and shared access to the subscriber’s Jio Share cloud service, which provides easy syncing with the consumer’s personal recorded library stored online as well as secure access to friends and family.

ACCESS Twine is a market-ready solution enabling Jio to increase stickiness to its service, regardless of the content watched or the device used to access it. Beyond media sharing, the platform allows Jio users to build their own library alongside the operator’s content catalogue.

In addition to ACCESS Twine, the NetFront Browser family allows Jio customers to access all services whilst creating an outstanding user experience on all screens. The NetFront Browser family consists of NetFront Browser with ACCESS’ core engine, WebKit based NetFront Browser NX and Chromium/Blink based NetFront Browser BE.

“India is the most prolific content provider in the whole world and has one of the highest rate of local consumption, especially on the 1 billion mobile devices currently in use,” said Dr. Neale Foster, Chief Operating Officer at ACCESS Europe. “This dramatic shift towards digital viewing and the rollout of 4G and FTTH services across the country are enabling Jio to deploy next generation services. We are proud that our solutions portfolio is enabling consumers to access their personal content alongside Jio’s catalogue and external sources easily from the comfort of the home, the tap of a finger or through the cloud securely, seamlessly and without fail.”

The service is readily available and is being used by more than 100 million Jio subscribers across the whole of India.

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