Ergen to buy Inmarsat?

London-based satellite operator Inmarsat is again being talked about as a take-over target. The Financial Times reported that Inmarsat could be a target for EchoStar.

This time it is Charlie Ergen, founder of Dish Network and the EchoStar technology company who seems to have started the rumour mill. The FT reports that Ergen discussed possible industry consolidation, and various banks have specifically highlighted Inmarsat as a possible target for Ergen.

The FT said: “Analysts have long identified Inmarsat as a potential target for EchoStar, as the companies’ spectrum licences could dovetail to create a global hybrid mobile-and-satellite network.”

Analysts at Macquarie bank said that EchoStar could afford to pay “well above” £10 per share for Inmarsat.

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