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Screen quality #1 driver of US TV purchases

March 1, 2017

While screen quality, size, and reliability/reputation are the three main purchasing factors for a new TV, consumers also desire a variety of different options to control it, according to the findings of a report from the User Experience Strategies (USX) group at Strategy Analytics exploring purchase priorities for a consumer’s next TV purchase and next gen TV features. Next generation TV feature interests include the ability to control and monitor smart home appliances.

Surveying consumers in the US, nearly all respondents included in the study indicated better quality as their number one driver for purchasing a new TV, considering it more important than price. Furthermore, the majority of respondents also indicated that they plan to purchase a TV that is bigger than the one they currently own; meaning consumers plan to buy bigger as well as better. Features available, methods to control the TV and ease of navigation are also important aspects for consumers to be fully satisfied with their purchase decision.

According to Taryn Tulay, Senior Analyst and report author, incorporating interactive features and apps on the TV require a variety of control methods to ensure ease of navigation and interaction. “The different methods of control should include voice and gesture control, smartphone/tablet control, and most importantly, a dedicated remote,” she advised.

“It is imperative that this remote offers quick access to content of interest, and evolves beyond current cumbersome remotes to include: a touchscreen/touchpad remote for effortless and fluid navigation, fewer buttons, keyboard (on touchscreen), customisable buttons, voice control, a chargeable battery and a wireless charging station,” she suggested.

“The TV has the opportunity to take back its central role in the home by offering new features and apps beyond passive media apps,” observed Chris Schreiner, Director Syndicated Research Services, UXIP. “Interactive features such as smart home control provides new use cases for the big screen. Such a feature offers convenience of consolidating both media and smart home devices within the home, simplifying the method to control them through one central device to make life easier.”

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