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Trace and Studio Mobile launch Trace FM Haïti

March 7, 2017

International media group Trace joins forces with Studio Mobile to launch Trace FM Haïti, which aims to become the best station targeting Haitian youth who accounts for 60 per cent of the Island’s population.

Trace FM Haïti plays the best Afro-Urban and Caribbean music and broadcasts international Hip-Hop,  R&B plus other indigenous genres such as Caribbean Zouk, Dancehall, Kompa, Kizomba and many more.

Listeners can access Trace FM on the 102.7 frequency in Haiti and worldwide on the new Trace Radio mobile App, which will be launched in at the end of March 2017.The website and Trace FM Haïti social media pages enable the station to constantly interact with its audience based in Haiti as well as the Haitian diaspora around the world.

The launch of Trace FM Haïti is the result of the collaboration between Trace and the Haitian company Studio Mobile.

Trace FM Haïti is the sixth FM launched by Trace following on from the success of their other radio stations located in Martinique, Guadeloupe, French Guiana, Ivory Coast and Réunion Island. Within these territories, the Trace FM radio stations are already undisputed musical references.

According to Valérie Gilles-Alexia, Trace CEO for France, The Caribbean and the Indian Ocean: “Trace FM Haïti shows Trace’s interest and commitment to display afro-urban and caribbean sound! Haiti is filled with exceptional talents and we want to make Haitian artists shine, not only locally but also internationally thanks to the strength and power of the Trace network. Trace operates in radio and television in more than 160 countries and an audience of more than 200 million worldwide.”

Supporting the collaboration, Digo Mevs adds “We want every Haïtian to be part of the Trace Family and we want them to allow us to expose Haitian Music and culture to the world. Our aim is to help our artists to penetrate the music industry worldwide. It’s a big step towards the commercialization of our music production and the respect of our intellectual property.” Digo Mev is one of the heads of the new radio station in Port-au-Prince.

Trace FM is now available on 102.7FM in Haiti and worldwide on the new Trace Radio mobile App.


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