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Avanti’s revenues continue to evaporate

March 15, 2017

By Chris Forrester

Avanti Communications, a London-based speciality satellite operator, has reportedly said that its revenues per MHz/month are well down. A year ago Avanti was generating $1800-$2000 per MHz/month. That has fallen to $1600-$1800 per MHz/month by June 30th 2016. By December 2016 those rates had fallen further to $1500-$1600 per MHz/month.

It also seems that its much-needed and highly anticipated Hylas-3 satellite payload (part of an Airbus-built scientific satellite) is also going to be late on station. Avanti has been talking about a “late-2017” launch date for the satellite. Airbus Defence & Space has reportedly indicated that the launch could be in late-2017 but might not happen until 2018.

Meanwhile, a larger satellite Hylas-4 will likely launch later this year and add a very useful 28 GHz of Ka-band capacity.

Shareholders have picked up on the negative reports, and while March 14 saw a 1p rise in its share price, the overall trend is definitely down – and dramatically – from 26.5p last December, to an all-time ‘low’ of 11.5p earlier this week.

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