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Research: 335m UHD homes by 2020

March 22, 2017

By Chris Forrester

The latest data from SES, based on its Satellite Monitor studies, shows that European consumers are buying into the Ultra HD concept.  SES is transmitting 34 UHD channels, of which 21 are fully commercial. While some channels, such as Fashion 4K have a near-global presence, others (such as Sky UK’s UHD transmission) are country-specific.

Ricardo Topham, Senior Market & Business Analyst at SES, says that Europe now has some 17.3 million UHD screens (6.6 per cent of homes, as at the end of 2016), and up from 12.1 million a year previously.

More recent data from IHS Markit’s research team on UHD shipments suggests that Western Europe alone will see some 11.8 million UHD sets shipped, and typically with some 32 percent at 50” or over. Eastern Europe will, says IHS, ship an additional 3.88 million units.  Even the MEA region, where UHD broadcasts are extremely rare, is expected to see 2.2 million units shipped.

China is the stand-out market for UHD shipments – many if not most locally produced – absorbing 33.3 million units. North America will see 17.6 million units shipped (and typically 48 percent of them at 50” or over).

Extend the IHS forecasts to 2020 and the numbers shipped are even more dramatic:

W. Europe 18.8 million

E. Europe 6.4 million

MEA  5.2 million

China  44.48 million

North America 25.9 million

Lat-Am  7.76 million

Japan  3.9 million

IHS says that it expects the number of households with a 4K TV to grow from 28 million in 2015 to 335 million in 2020.

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