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English Club TV breaks ice in the North

March 27, 2017

The educational channel English Club TV is now available on the DNA cable network, one of the leading Finnish telecommunications groups and the leading cable operator in Finland. Under the terms of the agreement the channel is also offered by several partner networks via co-operation partner Gridit. In addition, DNA is offering English Club TV as part of DNA TV OTT service, available on mobile devices and PCs as well as for TV screen cast.

“According to the EF English Proficiency Index, Finland takes 5th place amongst 72 countries by the level of English language knowledge which indicates one of the highest levels in the rankings. The Finnish figures also exceed the global ones by more than 10%. We are more than pleased to help people of all ages in Finland to learn English and maintain its highest level by watching our educational shows, movies with subtitles, and programs to master business English. We pay special attention to early childhood development and pre-school education with our fun and engaging kids slot.” – says Andrew Semchenko, the CEO of English Club TV Group.

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