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IABM endorses DPP

March 28, 2017

IABM has announced that the Digital Production Partnership (DPP) has been endorsed as an Industry Collaborative Group (ICG) under IABM’s ICG Endorsement Programme. DPP joins AIMS, MOS Development Group, SMPTE and Video Services Forum in meeting strict collaborative criteria to achieve endorsement, including; beneficial to the industry; non-discriminatory membership policy; open, standards-based approach; non-profit; and not favoring the interests of an individual company.

The DPP brings together producers, post producers, manufacturers, suppliers, service providers and broadcasters working towards solutions to the emerging challenges of working with digital media. The DPP has defined and implemented some common specifications – most notably a common specification for file-based program delivery, which was implemented across the major UK broadcasters in October 2014, and finally made end-to-end digital a reality.

“While the DPP may be best known for its pioneering work in standardising the AS-11 DPP specification that removed a major roadblock for UK broadcasters in file-based content delivery, DPP continues to carry out important work in many areas of the industry,” said Stan Moote, IABM CTO. “DPP is in many ways the perfect model for a collaborative group – working for the benefit of all.”

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