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VDMS launches Xperience Studio

April 6, 2017

Verizon Digital Media Services announced that it will soon launch the Verizon Media Xperience Studio, a first cloud-based content intelligence system (CIS). The new CIS will automate and simplify the online video production and distribution pipeline for broadcasters, OTT providers and online video distributors, all while offering timely and accurate performance, revenue and cost insights that are essential to building a profitable OTT business.

“Development of the Verizon Media Xperience Studio began after extensive conversations with leading TV Everywhere and OTT providers, who are often lacking the data to determine if a piece of content they produced or licensed is making money,” said Ralf Jacob, president for Verizon Digital Media Services. “This lack of visibility is often a symptom of multiple supply chain providers being loosely stitched together, where data is difficult to standardize and aggregate. Ultimately, complex systems and poor insights result in additional costs, delays in launching new content offerings and content being mismatched with viewer preferences. The Verizon Media Xperience Studio was built to overcome all of these challenges. Now, launching and operating a successful OTT service will never be this simple and straightforward.”

Uniting the capabilities of a content management system, a digital asset management system, a playout workflow system and an app builder into one single cloud-based system, the Verizon Media Xperience Studio will be a content intelligence experience that orchestrates and streamlines the movement of metadata and digital media assets through production, approval, distribution, monetization and consumption by viewers on connected devices. By acting as the single source of truth throughout the process, the CIS will allow content owners to gain greater operational efficiency and to glean deeper insights into performance, revenue and costs.

Managing all of these processes, the Verizon Media Xperience Studio will be able to easily standardize and aggregate the accurate data needed by OTT providers and online video services to determine if and how their owned and licensed content makes money. With fast access to reliable insights, these companies can be confident they have optimized the end-to-end pipeline, and can be agile in offering content and services that are well-aligned with viewer demand.
The Verizon Media Xperience Studio will comprise seven key functions:
• MX: Orchestration – To plan content workflows and monitor progress
• MX: Apps – To build, publish and maintain customized OTT applications
• MX: Subscriptions – To manage users, entitlements and payment for SVOD, TVOD or hybrid models
• MX: Programming – To create and curate virtual linear channels, program schedules and policies for content playout, availability and restrictions
• MX: Syndication – To publish and monetize content across owned and third-party OTT services with integrated player and advertising services
• MX: Personalization – To combine user preferences and rich metadata for tailored content recommendations
• MX: Vision – To track and monitor insights, analytics and intelligence

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