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Rocket launch in 360° 3D

April 18, 2017

By Chris Forrester

On April 18th a giant Atlas-5 rocket will launch a scientific satellite from Cape Canaveral in Florida. This is something of a routine launch, but what makes this special is that the United Launch Alliance (ULA), which looks after the Atlas launches, is capturing the complete exercise in 360° 3D.

Users of Google’s 360-degree devices can download a live feed, which opens at 11.11am Eastern Daylight Time (16.11 BST, 17.11 Paris time).  YouTube supports playback of 360-degree videos on computers using Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera browsers. Viewers may use the YouTube app to view the launch on a smart phone. Those who own virtual reality headsets will be able to look around and experience the view as if they were actually standing on the launch pad.

The Orbital-ATK satellite launch allows NASA and ULA to place the viewer safely at the base of the rocket when normally the typical viewing distance is many miles away.

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