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Net Insight introduces Sye 360˚

April 25, 2017

Net Insight, a provider of media transport and resource scheduling, introduces Sye 360˚ – the world’s first true live and synchronised 360˚ OTT streaming solution. With ultra-low latency, broadcasters can synchronise a live OTT feed with the linear broadcast, making it possible to offer second screen companion content that inte­grates seamlessly with the first screen experience. Sye 360˚ will be demonstrated at NAB, booth #SU2806

360˚ provides a new level of viewing experience. It has gained a lot of interest, especially in sports. Sye 360˚ provides the unique benefits of low latency and synchronized delivery to provide a truly live OTT experience without spoiler effects. In combination with the ability for the viewer to quickly change between different 360 cameras within an arena, it creates a near-VR, nearly game-like, experience that can be delivered to existing devices. As most 360˚ applications, particularly for sports, act as complementary feeds to the linear broadcast, it is important to harmonize the 360˚ feed with the linear broadcast for a truly immersive and seamless user experience, something Sye can uniquely deliver.

The synchronised delivery and harmonisation capabilities of Sye also opens opportunities for broadcasters  and rights holders to create applications that include  chat functions and integration  with social platforms, augmenting the inter­active experience.

“TV viewing becomes truly immersive with Sye 360˚,” said Per Lindgren, SVP Live OTT, Net Insight. “Imagine you are watching motor sports. You can choose what driver cam to view on the second screen and view the race through the driver’s eyes. You can even pick the exact angle you want to watch to best follow the action. You become one with your experience.”

Sye 360° relies on a combination of unique and complementary technologies. Net Insight has partnered with Elemental to provide live, ultra-low latency transcoding. In addition, the company has a partnership with Voysys to achieve sub-second, live stitching of the camera feeds. The complete end-to-end ultra-low latency workflow: from camera capture; to live stitching; to transcoding; and final distribution to end user devices will be demonstrated at NAB.

Net Insight has also tackled the bandwidth challenges that live 360˚ brings. The research outcome presents a solution for transcoders that includes filters presets, created to support region of interest in combination with with tiles, resulting in bandwidth savings up to 50 percent while maintaining viewing quality.

“Sye will enable high quality, 360˚ live streaming despite today’s bandwidth limitation in home network environ­ments, truly opening the door for 360˚ streaming apps on your phone or tab­let device and enabling content owners and rights’ holders to engage and connect with their fans in completely new ways,” said Lindgren.

“Sye 360° simply serves the best quality possible, resulting in a superior viewing experience,” Fredrik Tumegård, CEO Net Insight added. “Using the reliable low latency technology of Sye, in combination with live stitching and transcoding filter presets, serving all channels perfectly in sync,  is the key to unlock 360° mass market streaming.”

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