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Atlantic Productions wins VR BAFTA

April 26, 2017

By Chris Forrester

Sir David Attenborough’s award-winning Great Barrier Reef factual series has won another ‘gong’, this time for its Virtual Reality Dive version of the show, which has won a BAFTA.

The show, produced by Atlantic Productions, has now won 3 different BAFTA awards across all the key elements of new digital media: 3D, 4K and now, virtual reality.

The VR experience saw Attenborough dive to the Great Barrier Reef in a Triton submersible and utilising VR cameras on the sub which permit users with VR headsets to immerse themselves in the dive. The equipment follows the movement of the user’s head and allow total freedom of viewing.

The 20 minute clip has been shown in London’s Natural History Museum, and tied into the longer-form series shown to UK viewers by the BBC over the Christmas 2016 holiday season.

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