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Spain: VoD on the rise

May 22, 2017

From David Del Valle in Madrid

VoD is increasingly popular in Spain with 51 per cent of all Internet users already paying for online TV services, according to the Televidente 2.0 report published by the firm The Cocktail Analysis and Telefónica.

The study reveals that IPTV and OTT are taking most of the VoD consumption with 25 per cent of online users choosing the latter. Around 16 per cent of them pay for both.  Only 53 per cent of online users TV consumption is via linear TV (DTT or linear TV on pay TV platforms) for those with IPTV it’s only 33 per cent and OTT 10 per cent.

As for users’ profiles, OTT subscribers are mainly young people (57 per cent are under 35 and male) and very keen on International TV series and movies. For them, the low price is the key reason for watching VoD.

Internet users with no pay TV subscription  (49 per cent) are predominantly the older generation, with 65 per cent of them over 35 years old, and mostly female. They consume linear TV and prefer news, Spanish series and music content.

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