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Síminn gears up for 4K multiscreen services with Broadpeak Multicast ABR Technology

May 24, 2017

Broadpeak, a provider of content delivery network (CDN) technologies and live and VoD servers for content providers and pay-TV operators worldwide, has announced that Icelandic telecommunications operator Síminn has launched a service supporting 4K video content with new set-top boxes (STBs) capable of reception through Broadpeak’s nanoCDN solution. Leveraging home networks, nanoCDN enables Síminn to cost-effectively manage the consumption peaks of live services for an unlimited number of simultaneous viewers using only a few megabits per second from its network. Broadpeak’s solution relies on multicast technology to ensure high-quality video delivery with zero latency.

“When setting up 4K video delivery services, we know the quality of experience has to be absolutely pristine. Moreover, we needed a solution that would provide an effective yet scalable approach to managing live TV peaks and latency issues,” said Eric Figueras, CTO at Síminn. “We chose Broadpeak because they are the global leader in multicast ABR technology. Having developed their nanoCDN technology years ahead of the market, Broadpeak guarantees a superior quality of experience for our end-users and the best usage of our IP network bandwidth.”

nanoCDN multicast ABR makes live HTTP video delivery to any device truly scalable by turning Síminn’s 4K STBs into active components of the operator’s content delivery infrastructure. By converting multicast to unicast, nanoCDN enables Síminn to deliver an exceptional quality of experience, bringing latency for live multiscreen streaming to the equivalent of what is experienced with IPTV. Moreover, nanoCDN unifies Síminn’s operations by enabling the operator to support a single headend and DRM for all multiscreen devices.

“Consumer demand for 4K services is growing, and Síminn is rising up to the challenge to provide a high-quality video experience for its customers on every screen through our nanoCDN multicast ABR technology,” said Jacques Le Mancq, CEO, Broadpeak. “Síminn is one of the leading operators in the world that has deployed nanoCDN for live services in order to make video delivery scalable and efficient, cutting out latency completely. We expect this multicast ABR deployment to be a blueprint architecture for the future of television.”

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