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Kazakhstan shakes up TV rules

May 25, 2017

By Chris Forrester

Kazakhstan’s Information & Communications Minister, Dauren Abeyev says that the state’s public broadcasting channels – terrestrial and satellite – are not competitors to each other.

BBC Monitoring has reported that the country has recently modernised the portfolio of channels. “We have modernised state media assets and launched a first Kazakh Yel Arna cinema channel, which broadcasts only films produced in Kazakhstan. We have merged Kazakh TV and Bilim Jane Madeniyet [Science and culture] channels under a common brand, which has made it possible to improve the quality of the content thanks to cost cutting.”

The minister continued, adding: “KazSport, Khabar and Kazakhstan TV channels broadcast in HD format in Otau [the satellite] TV package. We have rebranded TV channels, and reviewed their concept and programme grid. We took all efforts to make sure that Khabar, Kazakhstan and Khabar 24 TV channels are not competing with each other and, on the contrary, are covering their own niche. We organised and successfully held special the Tumar television awards ceremony. We will hold Urker awards ceremony dedicated to print, radio and online journalism on [the country’s special] information and communications day,” the minister said.

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