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Samsung 80”+ QLED TVs

June 6, 2017

By Chris Forrester

Most experts praise the end result of Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) displays, and being made popular by South Korea’s LG Electronics.

Samsung Electronics, also based in South Korea, backs a rival technology, Quantum-dot Emitting Diode (QLED) and is about to release a new range of displays at more than 80” in size, and is the first time that the electronic giant has attempted mass-market supply of extra-large TVs (other than special ‘one-off’ 100” displays for trade shows).

Samsung, in an interview with Korean press on June 4th, says that the new sets will also be cheaper than rival OLED displays. Currently Samsung focus on 55” and 65” sets, which are the new normal for many buyers. Samsung’s 75” QLED sells at about $9850, and said to be some 30 per cent cheaper than rival LGs similar sized OLED units.

Samsung says that 80+” units are now possible thanks to improved productivity and efficiency in the manufacturing process.

Technology analysts have frequently reported that the average size of TV now being bought exceeds 40” and that the trends are for the average size to be more than 44” by 2020. Chinese buyers are typically buying screens of more than 45” and their pattern of buying is expected to average more than 50” by 2020.  This year the global supply of larger format – 50” and over – is expected to take more than 50 per cent of the global TV market.

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