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LG invests more in ‘flexible’ OLEDs

June 12, 2017

By Chris Forrester

A report in specialist publication Large Display Monitor (LDM) says that South Korea’s electronics giant LG will invest $3.56 billion into a new production line to turn out flexible screens. LDM says that while the bulk of the production will be for cellular phones – and to compete with Samsung – it anticipates that some of the output could be focused on TV screens.

LDM suggests that LG already makes some OLED panels at its giant Paju facility, but sees this output new moving beyond LCD displays and would see extra capacity – at Paju and another facility at Gumi – being devoted to boosting capacity.

LDM adds that flexible OLEDs are considered to be the top display technology trend for the ‘next generation’ marketplace – both for smartphones and larger-format TVs.

LDM says: “LG has been the only supplier of OLED TV panels with mass production. OLED TVs generally have superior visual performance due to the deeper black level and higher contrast ratio. The 65” UHD wallpaper OLED TV has a slimmer (only 3.9mm or less than 0.2! thick) and lighter (just 7.4 kg or 16 lbs.) form factor that allows the TV to fit right against the wall, like wallpaper. This product also received “Display of the Year” award from the SID technology show.

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