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Nokia infrastructure for video, IoT

June 15, 2017

Nokia says new IP technology launches are designed to prepare businesses and operators for a complete rethink of how their internet infrastructure is set up.

It unveiled three pieces that aim to keep networks up to speed amid what it predicts will be a more than doubling of IP traffic – to 330 exabytes a month – over the next five years.

A new routing platform, the 7750, supports a 144TBps configuration in a single shelf, while a new router, the 7950, scales to 576TBps, making it the world’s highest-capacity router. Both are backed by the world’s first 2.4TBps chipset, the FP4 silicon, that Nokia claimed is six times more powerful than processors currently available.

The equipment also features “enhanced” packet intelligence and control technology, Deepfield’s IP network analytics, and software-defined networking capabilities.

Basil Alwan, President of the ION Business Group at Nokia, said: “The internet platform is set to fully subsume HD on-demand video while simultaneously expanding with connectivity to billions of new devices.

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