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South Africa: 3Vision acquires channels for DEOD

June 16, 2017

3Vision, an international content consultancy in the UK, has acquired a number of international channels for the new Discover Digital service recently launched in South Africa, DEOD.

Discover Digital has recently launched its online streaming service, DEOD (Digital Entertainment On Demand) in South Africa, providing subscribers the ability to view over 10 international News and Sports digital OTT channels packaged through a range of standalone subscription packs. Discover Digital contracted 3Vision to assist with sourcing and acquiring the carriage rights to the News and Sport channel offering.

3Vision’s COO Jonathan Nickell commented, “We are delighted to have assisted Discover Digital with the acquisition of a slate of leading internationally recognised News and Sports channels. DEOD’s affordability and subscription flexibility adds to its differentiation to other digital TV players in the market, broadening its attractiveness to South Africa’s content hungry customer base”.

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