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Tom Rogers: “OTT disruption to TV will catapult”

June 16, 2017

By Chris Forrester

Tom Rogers, now executive chairman of sports prediction company WinView, but a former president of NBC Cable and for 11 years president/CEO at TiVo, has told delegates at the NextTV Summit in New York that nobody is immune from the changes affecting the TV industry from OTT, and in particular lower-priced bundles which do not contain a sports element.

Rogers was delivering a keynote at the event, and in an interview with Multichannel News, told delegates that while OTT services will take longer to impact larger media players, they will still eventually be affected. He warned that major broadcasters such as Fox were not immune, adding that OTT was already impacting Disney and ESPN.

He added that the emergence of ‘skinny’ bundles at prices of $8-$10 a month would accelerate the breakup of the traditional cable channel structure. Rogers also warned that the likes of Netflix, Amazon and others could swoop in and acquire streaming rights.

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