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InnSpire unveils InnCable

June 23, 2017

InnSpire has unveiled its latest innovation – the InnCable. The newly patented solution puts all the functionalilties of a powerful Android box into a single cable. Exit boxes, dongles, smart TVs and power cords – enter a single Ethernet to HDMI-cable which plugs directly into the TV from the wall.

“Why bother with boxes and dongles when a single cable does it better? I’m proud and excited to finally be able to talk about InnCable. This is a groundbreaking technology and I’m convinced it will forever change the way we look at all TV solutions, including Apple TV and Chromecast,” says Martin Chevalley, CEO of InnSpire.

The InnCable is primarily aimed at hotels, promising a cost efficient, easy-to-install solution.

“The relevance of InnCable for wider audiences is obvious – this technology is perfectly adapted for residential use. We will start selling to hotels, but we are already talking with B2C companies about launching a version for consumers,” adds Chevalley.

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