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Russian sports broadcaster TV Start selects ATEME Kyrion solution

June 27, 2017

ATEME has announced that Russian sport broadcaster TV Start, which specialises in the live transmission of various sport events, has deployed ATEME’s Kyrion encoders and decoders to upgrade its mobile television units.

Based on the ATEME fifth Generation STREAM compression engine, the Kyrion encoder and decoder provides excellent baseband video quality at minimum bitrates. This solution has been designed for contribution over satellite and IP networks, with added value features such as ultra-fast-boot, ultra-low latency, built-in monitor, audio loudness control, ABR output and DVB-S/DGNG/S2/S2x support. All these features make ATEME’s Kyrion an ideal solution for football, basketball, volleyball, tennis and other live broadcast sporting events.

“As a company with great experience in the live broadcast of various sporting events, we are very familiar with different DSNG solutions. We choose ATEME’s Kyrion solution over other competitors for its high video quality, reliability and ease of use – something that is so important for a mobile TV unit that is limited on space. Last but not least, we were also swayed by the high level of customer support provided by ATEME and its representative in the Russian SVN Group,“ said Vladimir Shirkov, general producer of TV Start. ”ATEME’s Kyrion encoder and decoder offers us flexibility in terms of codecs and provides the highest possible video quality for sport events broadcasting. Most importantly, this means we can provide viewers with a high-quality, reliable broadcast without any unnecessary interruptions.”

“ATEME is delighted to be working with TV START to ensure reliable coverage of major sports events in Russia. This is a very promising partnership which cements our footprint in the country” said Igor Stankovic, EMEA sales manager at ATEME. “With technologies such as HEVC, REMUX, and ARQ, ATEME’s Kyrion is without doubt the most suitable solution for satellite, IP and public internet video transmission. On top of that, ATEME can rely on a strong local partnership with SVN to support its existing base and future customers in the region.”

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