TF1 COO: “Multichannel strategy a success”

Ara Aprikian, COO at French commercial broadcaster TF1, says the multichannel strategy adopted by the company is now a firm success.

Talking to French daily Le Figaro, he said the proof was in the higher audience numbers across all of its channels. In particular the fresh positioning of TMC has been a priority, according to investment bankers Exane/BNP-Paribas in a report to investors.

“The focus for 2017/18 will be the repositioning of NT1 and HD1. NT1 will target millennials while HD1 will offer cinema and series to young women. TF1’s multichannel and multiplatform strategy allows it to target young viewers,” said the bank in its analysis.

TF1’s multichannel strategy is articulated around three points:

1) renegotiation of all content costs,
2) audience increase and
3) increase in ad space prices. This is starting to bear fruit in terms of profitability.

“Ara Aprikian sees the arrival of Facebook within TV content as an opportunity in the sense that Facebook will have to buy content or sign co-productions – TF1 is one key provider in content in France  – as well as a threat given its size and the regulation which so far favour the internet giants,” says the bank’s report.

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