BuzzMyVideos launches Thumbnail Editor

BuzzMyVideos, the next-generation and creator-first digital media company, has announced the launch of a Thumbnail Editor, their new audience development tool, which is designed to increase content discoverability and reach in today’s crowded content space of social video platforms.

With the launch of Thumbnail Editor, BuzzMyVideos says it has has expanded its content optimisation and discoverability service offering, bringing the ease of creating a vivid, attractive, engaging video thumbnail at the fingertips of their influencers.

Bengu Atamer, Co-Founder & COO of BuzzMyVideos comments, “Video Thumbnails, are extremely powerful drivers of viewership and engagement. When it comes to intent-driven content discoverability, mostly it is a split second decision to watch or to skip. And that decision is driven by a limited number of factors in our minds. The attractiveness of a video thumbnail is in my opinion, the most important one driving that click “Yes, I want to watch this”… We believe the Thumbnail Editor will be a game changer for mass-optimisation of content at ease for content owners with limited or no graphic design skills.”


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