Nielsen ratings to include Hulu and YouTube

Nielsen will soon begin including Hulu Live TV and YouTube TV viewing in its TV ratings in the US. All programming on Hulu Live TV and YouTube TV that have the same commercials that ran when the programme aired on TV, will be included in Nielsen’s ratings no matter the device or whether it was viewed live or on DVR, the advertising tracking company said.

“This is a big one for the industry. We’re following viewers across platforms,” Nielsen’s Executive Vice President of product leadership Megan Clarken told Reuters.

Expanding Nielsen’s TV ratings to include digital viewership from Hulu and YouTube TV will help advertisers account for trends and refine their ad strategy, Clarken added.

Nielsen will record all digital viewing that occurs within a three-day or seven-day window of when a show first aired on TV into its C3, C7 currency, which advertisers use to buy ad time.

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