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Nielsen to credit Facebook, Hulu, YouTube views

August 15, 2017

Nielsen is set to begin crediting video content distributed on Facebook, Hulu and YouTube in Digital Content Ratings. Through this capability, participating TV and digital publisher clients can now capture incremental viewing of their content within their reported audience numbers.

With Nielsen including viewership of distributed content on three of the industry’s largest digital platforms within its measurement of digital content, publishers can demonstrate the breadth of their audience. Enabled publisher clients will be able to receive credit for video distributed on Facebook and YouTube in Nielsen’s Digital Content Ratings. Hulu will be providing select media partners with credit for current series content distributed on the platform, with data evaluation set to begin this month.

Now, both TV and digital clients enabled for Digital Content Ratings will be able to display viewership of their content across all platforms, including these key digital distributors. This will allow publishers to better showcase the various ways people watch their digital content as well as provide agencies and advertisers with valuable data for more informed decision-making.

“The inclusion of video content distributed on Facebook, Hulu and YouTube in Nielsen Digital Content Ratings is a major accomplishment and part of our ongoing commitment to providing the industry with independent, comprehensive measurement of the evolving consumer landscape,” said Megan Clarken, President of Product Leadership at Nielsen. “Through capturing this audience, Nielsen is providing publishers, agencies and advertisers with a better picture of today’s media consumption, with comparable metrics.”

Nielsen will provide content owners and distributors with the same visibility to data for all distributed video content. Providing a consistent and transparent view ensures a level playing field with access to the same information across both publishers and platforms.

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