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Telefónica, Spectranet climb Netflix ISP Speed Index

August 15, 2017

Netflix has released July data from its ISP Speed Index – a monthly update on which Internet Service Providers (ISPs) provide the best primetime Netflix streaming experience.

Speeds at Telefónica -Movistar in Spain and Spectranet in India continued climbing in July. Telefónica -Movistar gained 0.65 Megabits per second (Mbps) in July, the biggest increase on the index, increasing its average monthly speed to 3.01 Mbps, up from 2.36 Mbps in June. Spectranet saw speeds climb up to 3.19 Mbps, up from 2.69 Mbps the month prior, reclaiming the No. 1 spot in India.

CNS KBT in Taiwan saw meaningful gains in July, with speeds improving by 0.42 Mbps, bringing up its monthly average speed to 3.48 Mbps. The gains bolstered CNS KBT up two spots to claim the No. 1 spot in Taiwan for the first time.

Notable speed decreases this month include Thailand’s 3BB, with speeds slowing to 3.11 Mbps from 3.43 Mbps in June, dropping three spots to No. 6 in Thailand. Claro in Argentina saw speeds slow to 2.05 Mbps from 2.40 Mbps in June, while Indosat-Fibre in Indonesia experienced a decrease to 3.89 Mbps, down from 4.28 Mbps in June.

Eleven new countries were added to the index this month, and they debuted in our country rankings as follows:

  • Romania, 6th
  • Iceland, 10th
  • Hungary, 22nd
  • Turkey, 26th
  • Poland, 30th
  • Israel, 35th
  • Kuwait, 37th
  • Saudi Arabia, 39th
  • Greece, 42nd
  • South Africa, 54th
  • Bolivia, 57th

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