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AP content more Facebook engagements than individual publishers

August 16, 2017

Content from The Associated Press drove higher total engagement on Facebook than any of the Top 10 individual publishers in June and July, according to a new survey from content analytics platform NewsWhip.

The results reveal the hidden power of news agency content in a market focused on digital native publishing and platforms. In July, total engagements on AP content posted by member news organisations and customers topped 34.7 million. The top individual publisher totalled 27.1 million engagements by comparison. Engagements refer to likes, reactions, comments and shares on Facebook. In June, engagements on AP content reached more than 31.3 million, while the top individual publisher drove 29.6 million engagements.

“This data demonstrates the value of AP content in a digital-first marketplace,” said Ted Mendelsohn, vice president for commercial and digital markets. “Higher engagement with AP stories, photos and video on Facebook means more revenue for our member news organizations and customers.”

While NewsWhip did not rank publishers in May, AP content delivered over 32.3 million Facebook interactions that month, highlighting the consistency of the results.

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