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China: CIBN selects RealNetworks for OTT

August 17, 2017

RealNetworks, a specialist in digital media software and services, has announced a partnership with CIBN Oriental Network, one of the seven broadcasting networks that is licensed to distribute OTT content in China, to enhance the company’s TV and mobile video streaming capabilities. By leveraging RealNetworks’ RealMedia HD technology, CIBN Oriental’s users will can access the OTT service on large screens as well as on any mobile device.

“Applying RealNetworks’ innovative technology into our platform helps build a customised and localised ecosystem for CIBN OTT TV,” said Gong Yuguo, General Manager of CIBN Oriental. “The unique video codec allows CIBN Oriental to explore new business models in copyright protection and information security, and to develop a better service model for content management.”

“RealMedia HD has a competitive edge versus video encoding technologies such as H.264. By implementing RealMedia HD onto our platform, we’ll enable crisp image quality at a lower bitrate,” added Ke Hengzhong, CTO of CIBN Oriental, “On the other hand, smoother streaming and better user experiences can be achieved at the same bitrate for transmission.” By implementing RealMedia HD, CIBN Oriental’s users will enjoy superior streaming experience with reduced data costs, higher image quality with lower storage needs, and lower battery consumption for longer viewing time.

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