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Nativ founders launch AI venture

August 30, 2017

By Colin Mann

Jon Folland, Gordon Ashworth and Nick Ryan – the founders of media logistics company Nativ, which was acquired by Ooyala in 2015 – have chosen IBC 2017 to debut their latest venture, which harnesses artificial intelligence to identify, process and manage stream-based content.

The entrepreneurs have taken a break from the M&E industries to pursue other interests, but have returned with OnFrame, a new B2D media software company, designed to give users the power to create AI-enabled automated analysis, processing and repurposing pipelines and scale them out effortlessly and at low cost. Its pluggable architecture supports a growing array of media processing use cases and the entire platform is cloud-based and API-driven. The beta version of the platform will be demonstrated at IBC 2017 in Amsterdam.

The OnFrame platform is a real-time video processing stack for rapid application development and low cost-operations. It is developer-centric and aimed at companies that have large amounts of live and archive audio-visual content that want to harness state of the art AI to search, tag, repurpose and augment their content in real-time and at scale. OnFrame is demonstrating the platform at IBC with an aim to acquire additional market research to fine tune the solution. It is also planning to secure companies to sign-up to a beta test of the service prior to its launch in late 2017.

“We want to provide an API-driven developer platform to capture, process and augment masses of video and audio streams cheaply and scalably, using state of the art machine learning,” said Folland, co-founder of OnFrame. “The aim is to generate real-time actionable data and augmented video, tailored by the customer, for their own needs. OnFrame is a unified, open platform that processes both stream and file-based content and un-bundles the features you typically find in expensive, black box systems. With OnFrame, the API is free to everybody and you don’t need to install anything. You can get going in minutes, pay as you go and there is no need for extensive integration or high-end consulting fees. You can also build and self-deploy your own plugins to support a huge array of video processing and AI use cases, with no need to lock-in to any one platform or service.”


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