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Paywizard, Massive Interactive front-end UI boost

September 1, 2017

Subscription, billing and customer relationship management (CRM) specialist Paywizard has formed a new strategic partnership with targeted user experiences for multiscreen video services expert Massive Interactive. The collaboration will enable operators to use rich data insight and predictive analytics to more effectively target subscribers and tailor the UI at the eight key ‘Decision Moments’ in the customer journey; Find, Join, Consume, Upgrade, Downgrade, Bill, Leave and Win Back.

“By providing a targeted experience where the right offers, recommendations, promotions and assistance are presented to specific users, at a precise time; operators can engage their customers with the service offering that is most relevant to them,” explained Bhavesh Vaghela, Paywizard’s Chief Executive Officer. “Paywizard and Massive can now provide over-the top (OTT) operators with a sophisticated workflow that optimises targeted User Experience (UX) – ensuring better customer engagement while ultimately increasing average revenue per user and reducing churn.”

“By combining Paywizard’s intuitive ‘Decision Moments’ dashboard with Massive’s ‘Segmentation Tags’, we have been able to create a workflow that enables operators to engage users proactively through the UI,” added Ron Downey, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of Massive. “This solves some of the most common challenges faced by providers, such as pre-empting churn by offering a more appropriate package to a wavering subscriber.”

Through the new combined solution, operators will be able to utilise Segmentation Tags via Massive AXIS – a targeted UX product – in conjunction with Paywizard’s Agile platform and expertise on subscriber decision-making and transactional behaviour. Rich insight from the Decision Moments dashboard within Agile, tracks when a subscriber interacts with a Pay TV service then can trigger a change in the front-end UI via Massive AXIS depending on a customer’s stage in their viewing journey. This detailed, data-driven personalisation will strengthen the customer’s experience and therefore their engagement with the service, allowing operators to maximise customer acquisition and retention, achieve optimum commercialisation and increase average revenue per user (ARPU).

The customer experience element of a provider-subscriber relationship has become the most critical consideration for most OTT services. Global research published by Paywizard earlier in 2017 revealed that failure to understand a customer – and to provide a consistently positive customer experience as a result – can have a fatal impact on a subscriber relationship. A quarter of the 6,200-plus consumers surveyed had cancelled a digital pay-TV service as a result of poor customer experience, while close to half had retained a subscription they considered terminating because of positive factors such as attention to customer needs, understanding of preferences, spot-on content recommendations, response to changes in usage and package flexibility.

“Taking a data-driven approach to managing relationships and engagement with their customers enables operators to better understand and meet their customers’ needs and behaviours – and deliver a consistently positive customer experience,” notes Vaghela. “The more data insight and analytics that are available to the operator, the more likely it is that they are able to create a more targeted and relevant user experience, which can drastically impact their relationship.”

“Our partnership with Paywizard delivers a combined platform solution that allows operators to pre-empt behaviours. Leveraging our collective expertise, this segmented and personalised solution provides operators with an in-depth view of the key decision-making moments in their customers’ journeys and in doing so, the potential to be one step ahead and reduce churn.”

Decision Moments addresses the critical pay-TV subscriber engagement points most likely to evoke positive or negative emotional reactions and to impact relationships between operators and subscribers during the customer journey. The eight consumer Decision Moments identified by Paywizard and validated by independent research commissioned by the company are:

  1. ‘Find’: Deciding on a service to sign up to, that best suits the consumer’s content and cost requirements
  2. ‘Join’: The process of signing up, as easily and quickly as possible
  3. ‘Consume’: Seamless viewing of appealing content, at any time, location and on any device
  4. ‘Upgrade’: Flexibly upgrading your services package, as and when you like
  5. ‘Downgrade’: Flexibly downgrading your services package, when it suits
  6. ‘Bill’: Receiving accurate, clear and timely bills, using a favoured payment method
  7. ‘Leave’: Cancelling a subscription with as little hassle as possible
  8. ‘Win Back’: Re-joining a service again, at any time, without re-registering.

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