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Kaltura commits to 99.995% availability for Cloud TV

September 6, 2017

Kaltura, the video technology provider, has announced several enhancements to the company’s Cloud TV Platform. The new release of the Kaltura TV Platform ensures 99.995 per cent availability for live and VoD TV viewing across all devices – the first in the industry to commit to this level of service, Kaltura is well positioned to provide IP based cloud-scale TV solutions to large operators and media companies worldwide.

Kaltura has also invested heavily in the modularity of its platform, allowing customers to experiment with a range of business models, and other features and functionality, on their journey to finding the optimal TV solution for their needs. The platform’s flexibility also enables Kaltura to integrate with legacy TV platforms and migrate them to a hybrid cloud solution so that customers can still benefit from their previous investment in STBs and infrastructure while moving to the cloud. And finally, the latest Kaltura TV Platform release includes a slew of features geared towards end-user personalisation, and enabling operators to market to and reach their users in a more targeted, user-specific way.

“The TV viewing experience is literally changing before our eyes,” stated Shay David, Co-founder, President and General Manager of Media and Telecom at Kaltura. “Kaltura provides customers with cloud-scale TV services, with market-leading availability of “four and a half 9’s”, along with full flexibility to offer a variety of end-user experiences, all managed in a single platform, which can seamlessly integrate with legacy STBs and platforms that have been heavily invested in.”

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