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Inverto and QTEC announce quantum router collaboration

September 7, 2017

China Quantum Technologies (QTEC), an  operator of quantum equipment and communication networks across China and FTA Communication Technologies (Inverto), a leader in satellite reception and streaming solutions for connected home applications, have announced partnership focusing on the development of quantum-secure smart home networking and streaming appliances for communication applications.

“Quantum communication is an essential technology for realizing quantum cryptography, which can completely protect the cryptographic key exchange from any information leakage. After decades of work in the laboratory, different devices and approaches relying on quantum-mechanical effects are now nearing market-readiness. It has taken so long mainly because the components that make them up had to be developed first. Quantum communication industry will achieve exponential growth in the near future. Efforts to make quantum-enhanced versions of networking equipment are bearing fruit and quantum communications, just like conventional communication, is spanning through space, too.” said Yannick Olivier Laperche, COO of Inverto.

Quantum technology will soon find its way into all products and services—currently mostly behind the scenes, just as artificial intelligence has recently done. Quantum-safe encryption is one of the most promising domains and will be the primary focus of the joint venture initially.” said Gil Laifer, CTO of Inverto. “This partnership with QTEC allows Inverto to access a new and fast-growing market with forefront technology that will be essential for decades to come.” Gil continued.

Interest in quantum encryption in China was piqued recently with the Chinese government’s launch of a quantum satellite in August 2016. The satellite, called Quantum Experiments at Space Scale (QUESS), is designed to establish quantum communications by transmitting keys from space.

“In September 2016, QTEC inaugurated the world’s first quantum security communications commercial trunk network known as the “Shanghai-Hangzhou trunk network” and marked the arrival of the quantum security communications era to the country. Inverto has developed unique streaming and video encoding solutions and has vast experience developing home gateway platforms. Working with Inverto will allow QTEC to develop localized applications and serve customers in China who are eager to ensure the safety of their data, today and well into the future,” said YiBo Zhao, VP of QTEC.

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