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axle Video and Wasabi deliver disruptive Media Cloud solution

September 8, 2017

Wasabi, the hot storage company that delivers revolutionary cloud storage offering price and performance advantages over Amazon S3, and axle Video, the pioneer of affordable “radically simple” media management, have teamed up to make the axle Media Cloud available to post-production teams as a monthly subscription. Pricing starts at $400/month (330 Euro/month) for 10 terabytes of storage, 10 users and up to 10 terabytes of data download per month.

The demand for highly efficient cloud storage and intelligent media management is dramatically increasing as video producers from broadcasters to sports teams to corporations and universities strive to meet growing demand for video content, deal with budget and competitive pressures, and connect with creative talent and clients located anywhere. Wasabi hot storage is a fundamentally different cloud storage solution that slashes the cost for storing massive video data while at the same time providing rapid access to assets stored in the cloud.

The axle Media Cloud features the company’s radically simple ai software that indexes media for blazing fast search and makes it possible to instantly find, browse, tag, and annotate video files – an invaluable time-saver for production teams. axle ai’s integrations with multiple video analysis engines allow sophisticated automatic tagging of video and instant visual search. With this option, media is analysed, compared to a vast image recognition database, and tagged, saving the great amounts of time required to manually tag media and enabling search based on characters, words, logos, locations and other highly specific visual information. In combination, Wasabi hot storage and axle Video provide production teams with the most powerful price-performance package in media management.

For the media & entertainment industry, moving to the cloud provides big improvements in flexibility, enables collaboration across geographies and greatly reduces cost. According to a recent study by Coughlin Associates, the industry is expected to see explosive growth in cloud storage, from 5,000 petabytes to over 130,000 petabytes by 2021.

“Wasabi’s partnership with axle Video delivers the necessary toolset for media producers to effectively and efficiently deal with ever-increasing quantities of video content,” said Whit Jackson, Wasabi Media & Entertainment Solution Architect. “The axle Media Cloud is a compelling offer for a very wide range of organizations that produce, own, distribute or archive video.”

Because Wasabi is API-compatible with Amazon S3, any media workflow tool that currently points to S3 today can be effortlessly reconfigured to point to Wasabi cloud storage. The axle ai software solution also includes a fully functional REST API and every component of the system is open, documented and available for integration with emerging and legacy systems. Integrations with Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Final Cut Pro X are included with all configurations of the axle Media Cloud.

The axle Media Cloud solves a critical shortcoming of cloud media storage, which is that once files have been saved to the cloud, they must generally be downloaded in their entirety, a slow and cumbersome process, to search their content. The axle Media Cloud solves this problem by cataloguing all media files touched by the system, creating H.264 proxy media that can be instantly viewed, tagged and sub-clipped via axle’s radically simple user interface.

Sam Bogoch, CEO of axle commented, “The axle Media Cloud solution is hard to ignore for thousands of video production teams worldwide who are looking for better, faster, and more cost-efficient ways to store media and manage content production. The industry trends are clear, and the axle – Wasabi solution is heading in exactly the right direction.”

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