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Metrics boost for fraudulent video monitoring

September 8, 2017

By Colin Mann

Big data and business intelligence online media services specialist NPAW (Nice People At Work) has revealed overlapping metrics built into its YOUBORA Infinity platform to help subscription-based video-on-demand services (SVoD) identify multiple, simultaneous uses from a single user account.

Fraud detection is part of YOUBORA Infinity’s module, SmartUsers, to help customers predict churn, identify customer behaviour and promote precise segmentation. With the overlapping views detection system, OTT services are able to identify and be alerted when one username is being used in multiple geo locations, devices and IPs at the same time to identify fraud. SVoDs can also adjust and configure what to consider fraud in line with their business strategy and goals.

According to NPAW, detecting overlapping views and gaining deeper and contextualised understanding of the behaviour and consumption trends of those committing fraud will guide business and marketing teams to optimise customer acquisition strategy and expansion plans; customer service units to validate end-user complaints and improve retention; technical experts to review login and user authentication methods, if needed.

“Overlapping streaming is not necessarily a good nor bad thing,” said Ferran Gutierrez, CEO of NPAW. “OTT’s business and marketing teams are able to identify customer behavioural trends related to account sharing, and make use of intelligence to revisit and make data-driven decisions on their pricing and offering.”

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