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Digital UK chooses hybrid cloud for critical Freeview broadcast services

September 11, 2017

Digital UK has selected Merapar as a technology partner to re-envision their critical Freeview broadcast infrastructure as a cutting-edge cloud based operation using Amazon Web Services (AWS). Merapar seamlessly combine on premise and public cloud infrastructure, dynamically targeting microservice containers to balance availability against cost. Broadcast availability expectations (>=99.99%) and typical cloud provider availability (99.95%) are no longer incompatible, since the truly critical components are deployed over the on-premise infrastructure, whilst everything else runs in the public cloud.

Leveraging features only available in the cloud, Merapar have built an on-demand DR (Disaster Recovery) system that is only online when needed and for regular automated testing, resulting in significant operational efficiencies.

Merapar have combined licensed core components, open source tools and bespoke agile software development with modern UX&D (User Experience and Design) principles, working in close collaboration with Digital UK and the BBC Engineering Operations team. The result is a cost-effective solution optimised for existing business processes, built on an advanced architecture ready for future expansion.

Paul Roberts, Head of Systems Development, Digital UK, commented “Merapar’s specialist knowledge of broadcast and cloud technologies makes them the ideal partner for upgrading the software needed to support Freeview. Their clear understanding of our specific technical and commercial requirements will provide a flexible and resilient system that underpins the operation of the platform as it continues to grow.”

Erwin van Dommelen, CEO of Merapar Technologies, said “We are delighted to be chosen to provide this critical piece of infrastructure and we will provide ongoing around-the-clock support as needed during the lifetime of the contract. We look forward to investing further in our UK operations to serve our increasing number of customers who have put their trust in Merapar”.

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