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IVA revolutionises entertainment data again

September 11, 2017

Internet Video Archive (IVA) has upended the entertainment data business with radically lower prices. Now it is taking this revolutionary change another step forward by eliminating the long term commitments that stifle innovation. Offering a month to month ad supported video and data service means startups and incumbents can experiment with new ideas and bring them to market without fear they will be left paying to support something that just didn’t catch fire. Clients can switch to a variety of subscription models whenever they are ready to monetize their own traffic. No other data company currently offers this kind of forward thinking opportunity.

Rhodes Mason, president, says “IVA has been working with the leaders of content discovery from the start but with this offer, we believe we can seed the next generation that do not have the resources to pay the big data companies for access. We have been sponsors at hackathons for this very reason and encourage new talent to explore how best to help consumers find the content they want to watch or purchase “

Internet Video Archive’s (IVA) award-winning APIs are used by its clients to increase purchase of entertainment products and movie tickets as well as grow engagement rates with their audiences. Developers can access:

  • 1.35 million records with metadata about movies, TV series and TV episodes
  • 1.3 million images related to movies and TV content
  • 160,000 movie and TV trailers, clips, featurettes, interviews, etc. including language and country specific versions
  • 1 million celebrity data records including birth dates, social media links, images
  • Movie and TV ratings
  • North American movie showtimes and movie theatre information
  • Theatrical movie ticketing
  • Content availability on OTT platforms including Netflix, Hulu, and others

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