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NPAW launches SmartLab

September 12, 2017

NPAW, the Big Data & Business Intelligence company serving the online media industry, introduces SmartLab, an A/B testing and Multivariate Testing (MVT) solution for media companies to better understand their customers, tailoring services to their preferences to support company growth and market expansion.

OTTs, broadcasters, telcos and media companies are able to test and optimize the performance of new releases, player configurations, setups, customer care strategies, UI/UX arrangements, and content recommendation engines, with 360º visibility on customers reaction. Prior to rolling decisions out more widely on their entire media service, solid calculations will tell them the probability of success of each experiment.

SmartLab delivers the freedom to define experiments linked to measurable goals, and apply them on precisely segmented samples within their audiencealso based on predictive algorithms such as users who will abandon the service next month. Customers can track experiments results in real time. From identifying which ad positions drive more drop offs to optimize ad placement, to comparing the performance of different CDN configurations for Live and VoD. SmartLab assists in the launch of successful improvements among different departments in their company to build stronger user engagement and maximize revenue.

“In an increasingly fragmented market with recent M&A and partnership moves, video services cannot afford losing customers while they try new tactics on their platform, said Sergi Vergés, COO and Co-founder at NPAW. Any department can have their own lab without risking the companys performance.

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