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Anevia partners with Expway

September 15, 2017

Anevia, the OTT and IPTV software vendor providing innovative multiscreen solutions for TV and Video delivery including live, near live and on demand, is announcing its partnership with Expway, a global player in LTE Broadcast, to enhance its NEA-CDN product range with next generation CDN features.

Drawing on Anevia’s OTT expertise and Expway’s expertise in multicast over any IP network, the two partners have developed an offer to help smooth transition from IPTV to OTT, ensure scalability of CDN by adding LTE broadcast capabilities while drastically reducing cost compared to traditional CDN architectures. This new offer is designed both for cable operators to leverage their own network infrastructure as well as operators with fixed and mobile networks to create convergence.

The advantages of this new offer are multiple:

Transition from IPTV to OTT – Thanks to multicast ABR technology, operators transitioning from IPTV to OTT will be able to reuse their existing multicast infrastructure for the OTT service and as a consequence with limit the impact on the network when scaling the OTT service.

Scalability of an OTT service – Thanks to multicast ABR technology, the operators with an existing OTT service will be able to automatically switch the most popular channels from unicast to multicast delivery when needed, resulting in up to 80% bandwidth savings.

Convergence between fixed-line and mobile services – This new offer relies on a standard technology that is suitable for both multicast ABR and mobile deployments. Consequently, operators can rely on a single CDN technology for both fixed-line and 4G content delivery, resulting in massive CAPEX and OPEX savings.

In future phases, the aim is dynamically adapt the delivery mode from unicast to multicast ABR based on a real time audience monitoring. This will lead to optimizing bandwidth usage and improving user experience.

For Damien Lucas, CTO and co-founder of Anevia: “Combining Anevia’s expertise in delivery of video and Expway’s expertise in LTE broadcast, our companies have come up with a unique solution to solve the difficult scalability equation for OTT services. He also adds: “We already foresee a number of existing customers who will benefit from this new offer that will help them manage OTT viewing peaks while improving their QoS ”.

“Recent live boxing, soccer or american football streaming incidents have demonstrated that sustaining a good video quality experience with popular OTT is basically impossible,” said Claude Seyrat, Expway Co-Founder and CMO. ”Expway and Anevia solve this issue by providing a unified high-quality experience to the end-user, whether large-scale multi-media content is provided through Multicast ABR, LTE-Broadcast or traditional CDN ”.

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