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MainStreaming integrates V-Nova PERSEUS compression

September 15, 2017

V-Nova’s PERSEUS 2 is a cross-media codec format that delivers on its promises of next-generation image and video compression, today. PERSEUS 2 has proven that it addresses the real bottlenecks of IP video delivery, allowing for better viewing experiences across all data networks. Designed to provide enhanced platform support, it has been deployed to enable operators to quickly benefit from the core efficiencies of high quality encoding. PERSEUS 2 maintains full compatibility with the rest of the delivery workflows, such as DRMs, streaming protocols like HLS and DASH, ad-insertion and other processes. Coupled with the Content Delivery Networks (CDN) savings associated with bandwidth and profile reduction, PERSEUS 2 is the most cost effective solution for next-generation service deployment today.

“We are excited to take streaming to the next level with V-Nova, allowing our clients to access markets and deliver quality that were thought to be untenable due to limitations in bandwidth and network unreliability,” said Antonio Corrado, CEO of MainStreaming. “V-Nova’s industry leading technology has demonstrated the ability to enable video streaming where it previously wasn’t possible and in HD quality to all viewers on any network, regardless of the consumption device. With the integration of PERSEUS 2, we have access to a faster and more effective solution to ensure that we can offer geographical business continuity regardless of our clients’ location.”

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