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Huawei Envision video solution for MSOs

September 18, 2017

Colin Mann @ IBC

ICT solutions provider Huawei has launched the Envision video solution for cable MSOs (Multiple System Operators) designed to enhance hybrid video service capabilities and implement all-IP transformation of video services.

The Envision video solution is designed not only to enable consumers to enjoy personalised multi-screen hybrid video services through diverse devices anytime anywhere, but also to provide 4K and 8K UHD videos, 360-degree videos, and new immersive video experience such as AR/VR.

“Huawei has been committed to creating a convergent and innovative video service ecosystem,” remarked Hu Jianjun, VP of Huawei’s video product line. “Huawei Envision video solution covers the video content distribution platform, CDN and core components such as 4K STBs, via fibre coaxial hybrid access platform, providing comprehensive service capabilities for the MSOs’ video all-IP transformation.”

Through the cloud-based fully convergent platform and new-generation FMC video broadcast and content distribution technologies, Huawei Envision video solution is applicable to MSOs’ all-TV scenarios with comprehensive service capabilities. The solution enables MSOs to conduct multi-screen services based on cloud recording and cloud time shifting, provides personalised video experience, and improves user experience. In this way, this solution enhances the user loyalty and values of MSOs’ video services and further drives revenue growth.

In terms of UHD video distribution and bearing, the solution can quickly achieve the integration of and connection between the 4K UHD video headend and transmission network components. At the same time, Huawei Distributed-Converged Cable Access Platform (D-CCAP), a fibre and coaxial hybrid access platform supports high-performance DOCSIS 3.1 access, with the industry’s largest bandwidth access of 10 Gbit/s, enables MSOs to carry out IP-based full-scenario services. The STBs using Huawei HiSilicon chips aim to build enhanced solution to support best 4K UHD services on the terminal side.

Furthermore, with a fully open service structure, Huawei Envision solution supports quick launch of new services and facilitates the expansion of video services to video communications, UGC, intelligent home, and other domains, meeting MSOs’ requirements for expanding the industry markets and promoting the development of all services.

Huawei Envision solution supports not only IP video services but also traditional cable TV services, implementing hybrid video distribution of cable TV and IPTV. Accordingly, Huawei suggests that it will be able to help MSOs smoothly transform towards full-IP videos.

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