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FOX Netherlands moves to TVT/DMC

September 26, 2017

TVT/DMC, the new global content services platform, has been selected to enable the delivery of FOX channel content to Dutch audiences. The Dutch FOX television channel becomes the latest addition to TVT/DMC’s fully operational, virtualised ‘private broadcast cloud’.

FOX broadcasts a wide range of general entertainment content in the Netherlands, featuring leading TV series, including American Horror Story, The Simpsons and The Walking Dead. FOX is the fourth channel that FOX Networks Group has launched with TVT/DMC, completing the consolidation of all FOX Benelux entertainment and factual channels on its private broadcast cloud. The launch of the Dutch channel on the platform follows the successful migration of 24 Kitchen, FOX Belgium and National Geographic. The channel is distributed using TVT/DMC’s fully managed European fibre network, which provides redundancy and disaster recovery management.

Jan de Vries, Director Broadcast Operations, FOX Networks Group, says: “Content delivery that we can count on is fundamentally important to our operations. We need to be sure our programmes will always arrive to our audiences, when they are scheduled and in the correct form. TVT/DMC provides the reliability and innovation that enables us to respond to the demands of today’s audiences.”

Raymond Lamphen, Senior Vice President Operations of TVT/DMC, added: “This year we are completing an extraordinary journey, transforming the way we deliver our clients’ content. We see this as a true step-change in industry innovation, turning the classic SDI infrastructure into a fully operational, virtualised pure-IP private broadcast cloud. The primary benefits for FOX in the Netherlands are enormous: it delivers the capability to adapt to new and growing demands of scale and capacity as required, responding to the complexities of the Dutch content market and its growing demands for linear, on-demand and online entertainment media.”

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