Advanced Television

Metrological platform for NOS

September 27, 2017

NOS, Portugal’s primary cable operator serving more than 1.6 million video households, is advancing its UMA personalised television experience with the deployment of Metrological’s Application Platform, WPE (Web Platform for Embedded) browser and WPE cloud architecture.

With the Metrological Application Platform, NOS can launch a cloud-based TV App Store for its subscribers. WPE offers pre-integrated software plugins to integrate premium OTT services such as Netflix.

UMA is a multi-screen video service that offers viewers a truly personalised user experience on any device. Using the Metrological Application Platform and WPE, UMA subscribers will gain access to the fully integrated cloud-based app store. This brings together the best in OTT programming, as well as live and on demand television into a single viewing experience. With this integration, consumers will be able to have premium OTT services fully integrated without leaving the main screen or EPG.

“Leveraging the Metrological platform, WPE browser and software plugins we are able to quickly launch OTT applications, other high value apps and new integrated services to market much faster with far less integration efforts,” said Pedro Bandeira, Head of Development, NOS. “We are able to anticipate the needs of our end viewers much quicker using a cloud-based approach.”

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