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Indistry TV beta launch

September 28, 2017

Indistry TV, a US subscription streaming service that offers content shaped by its audience, has confirmed the launch of its beta platform and a 30-day free trial for new members.

Indistry TV members will receive exclusive access to original programming across a variety of genres, with channels covering travel, food, fashion, art, sports, exclusive celebrity access, emerging musical artists and behind-the-scenes live streamed events. Additionally, Indistry TV’s platform features interactive technology that allows members to not only watch content, but also shop, socialise and engage with it. In addition to original programming, Indistry TV sources content from member submissions

Indistry TV was founded by twin sisters, Mary Landaverde, CEO and Erroll Angara, COO, who saw a millennial generation that craved being part of a community where they could make an impact through art and innovation.

“When creating Indistry TV, we set out to design a revolutionary entertainment platform where members could interact with the content they, and others worldwide, consume,” said Landaverde. “Even more so, we wanted them to have an impact and a voice. Thus, Indistry TV also gives its members the ability to shape and curate content – making the viewer a part of the story.”

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