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Fishing TV organises World Fishing Day

October 18, 2017

Fishing TV, the VoD platform for fishing content, is in the initial stages of shaping World Fishing Day. The idea will see Fishing TV partner with production companies, brands and fishing organisations globally, to deliver a network of free fishing events and to broadcast 24-hours of live fishing content to their audience.

Planned to take place in summer 2018, the broadcast will follow the sun and angling action around the world, showcasing the cultural significance and many health benefits of the sport, together with the importance of anglers’ efforts to wild fish conservation worldwide.

Fishing TV’s Commercial Director, Ed Burgass, says: “We feel that World Fishing Day is a brilliant way of highlighting and celebrating the most popular ‘participation’ sport on the planet.   From its inception, Fishing TV has been an innovative platform, embracing technology in both its production values and approach to distribution. We’re taking this to the next level with World Fishing Day by creating the biggest and most inclusive fishing event that the world has ever seen and broadcasting it live through our platform to a potential audience of millions.”

“With an estimated 750 million recreational anglers worldwide and with celebrities such as Chris Pratt, David Beckham, Rita Ora and Emma Watson proclaiming their love for the sport and social influencers like Marina Gibson and April Vokey inspiring a younger and cooler generation of anglers, the angling community is a lucrative one for brands to be targeting. Our hope is that the industry rallies behind this event and uses it as an opportunity to engage lapsed anglers and attract new people into the sport. Offering unbeatable deals on tackle and fishing in the same way as Black Friday or Amazon’s Prime Day is an example of how this could be achieved,” he concluded.

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