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YuMe launches People-Based Marketing Suite

November 1, 2017

YuMe, a partner for video advertising leadership and innovation has launched its People-Based Marketing Suite to enable cross-screen audience targeting, sequential messaging, and attribution for US audiences. YuMe’s brand and agency clients can now create custom, screen-agnostic audiences intended to target consumers using device identifiers across online, mobile, tablet, smart TV and connected TV devices, creating a seamless digital advertising experience at scale.

“We believe the future of our industry hinges, in large part, upon the adoption of data-centric, people-based marketing strategies that place consumers first,” said Michael Hudes, Chief Revenue Officer, YuMe. “We are proud to introduce our new solution to help brands not only target and reach their consumers, but influence them with relevant messaging that builds upon interactions and prior messaging exposure. By including first-party, people-based data within our programmatic media buying technology, we expect to deliver higher performing branding campaigns for our clients who are retargeting and increasing engagement.”

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