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Air pressure disrupts Freeview

November 2, 2017

UK free-to-air DTT platform Freeview has blamed high air pressure as the cause of disruption being experienced by some of its users in England and Wales.

The service provides access to digital TV channels through aerials, making it possible to watch programmes without a satellite or cable subscription. The issue began on the evening of October 31st, with viewers complaining that they missed The Great British Bake Off final as a consequence of the adverse weather conditions.

Freeview offered the following explanation on its website: “We’re aware that high air pressure is currently affecting TV and radio signals for some viewers on the south of England. We’re unable to prevent or remedy this, normal services will return once the weather changes. TV and radio signals can be affected by atmospheric conditions, including high air pressure (which brings fine weather), heavy rain or snow.”

Problems continue for the Freeview service, but a weak weather front is forecast to move in from the north throughout the day on November 2nd which should be more favourable conditions for transmissions.

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